Medical Oxygen

Medical Oxygen (O₂) is a very pale blue, odourless, tasteless diatomic gas. It constitutes 21% of the atmosphere, and is necessary to sustain terrestrial life. Uptake of O2 from the air is the essential purpose of respiration, so Oxygen supplementation is used in medicine. All living things need Oxygen to survive and Oxygen’s importance in the field of healthcare cannot be underestimated.

•   Treatment of respiratory insufficiencies and resuscitation.
•   Preservation of human tissues and biological specimens.
•   Provides life support in artificial ventilation.
•   Treatment of emergency situations such as suffocation and heart attacks
•   Used in anaesthesia. 
•   Used in hyperbaric Oxygen chambers for the treatment of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, damaged tissue and gas gangrene.
•   For specialised Oxygen therapies



Medical Oxygen (O2)


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